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January 29, 2006

Left Unnamed (my favorite person)

At what hours it occurs to me to call you!
I think, 'God I like to be talking to That One right now...'
You have always been there, so I have always had occasion to think that. but it's never a good moment- 2:30 in the morning, that kind of thing.

You called me just the other day- how wonderful!
My day was brightened just by beginning it with your message.
Strange, too, that over the last few nights,
you have had a featured role in my dreams. Out of the ordinary.
It's like, somehow I needed to be connected with you,
and you with me, so somehow one or the other of us
was compelled to re-establish our contact.

Thank God. Or Whomever.
I am glad to have you in my life.

Posted by kati at 02:29 AM

January 10, 2006

Oh fuck *

Quick like a band-aid.
Some things have to be quick like a band-aid.
...even if we don't want to do it that way.

Life speeds by me faster than I can realize,
even when it seems so painfully slow. Especially then.
The hardest things I can imagine are nothing
compared to the one thing that I've never thought of.
So why waste the time with worry?

People are much stronger and much more capable than they believe.
If that idea was empowered in me, in anyone, in more of us,
what then could we be? What couldn't we be?

God I hope my thirties are less anxious than this.

* - this article is titled for the current, apprently *constant* catch-phrase of my currently almost 2-year old hero, Bix Thompson. He rocks. He's a positive guy.

Posted by kati at 11:33 PM