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March 27, 2003

And she's lost it folks

"The generous, wide feet of pachyderms.." --Simon the spastic-coma man

So, one wonders: if you were a cocaine-snorting, tax-evading, self-imposed celibate preacher one hour out of prison, where would you be? If you said "At a Greyhound station in Huntsville, Texas, talking to a posessed whore," you'd be right as rain.

Well, she wasn't really a whore - she was a dancer. An "entertainer," if you will. Oh alright, I guess she *was* a whore.

Now, if you could cast demons out of people in your own name, would you send them back in The Pit right away, or would you consider letting them slide for a couple of prophesies and maybe one or two horseracing tips? Really now, you'd at least think about it. Am I right?

And I don't quote:
JC: My father had a name like that. They called him Oliver Wendell Holmes Cassandra, but they left out the 'L' in Holmes. Homes.
BKR: Don't call me homes, friend. This ain't the hood.
JC: They left out the 'L' - it's just homes.
BKR: I said don't call me homes, John.
JC: Don't call me John, pal!
BKR: Well what's your name?
JC: Shit, it's John. But call me John like it's my name, ok?
BKR: Ok, John. You missing any letters?

But seriously, here is what really gets me about the war: -Oh, were we talking about the war? We must have been. Inevitably, we had to have been talking about the war.
The luxury of tuning shit out by watching the tube these days has been severely compromised. I am mentally vacationing in Aruba - lying in a hammock on the beach sipping a mai-tai. I'd send you all lovely postcards, but I'm too comfortable to get up right now.

Now just because Jesus was born in Israel, that DON'T mean he ain't AMERICAN!!!

Posted by kati at March 27, 2003 05:44 PM


I'm not quite to sure what to make of this Kati. All I know is *I* was in Dallas, I'm NOT celibate, and that sweet lady was the whore to end all whores.

War? What war?

Posted by: Mike at March 31, 2003 09:39 AM