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December 21, 2002

"Silence, Peasant!"

A group viewing of Star Trek TNG yielded us this gem:

The humorous image of off-duty Captain Picard wearing a uniform-like coat over a grey-colored, uniform-like top generated the phrase “coat over the loungewear.” In an attempt to write this down –

Kati: I need…(laughter) Sean! Pen!
Kelly: Sean Penn?!
Sean (in a drug-induced stupor): Ohhh, dude…

Hmmm… maybe funnier at the time. But we said we’d include the quote. Didn’t we? DIDN'T WE!!

Ah, well. Perhaps the best news of all is the temporal return of many of the energetic heavyweights on my social plane. At least the holidays are good for that. Ex: The Irish girls* (see Irish Girls) are in town, and today marks the return of the Unstoppable Force – Miss Amber Turnock.* (see Amber). Perhaps holiday merriment is indeed on the way.

Irish Girls: The quotient of my good friends who happen to be huge personalities, and quite Irish to boot. They are Miss Katie Murrin and Ms. Kelly Brennan (also referred to as ‘The Best Friend’).

Amber: The ridiculous individual who is almost too much of a character to be believed. Not for the faint of heart. To call her enthusiastic is to drastically undersell. Fun follows her around, and she’s super cute. (Too cute really, she’s one of them, but you can easily forgive her that). Today’s return is after a 4 month absence that she spent in Air Force boot camp and on base. This is only noteworthy because Amber is NOT someone you would place in the armed forces. Her military career was once said to be like “a combination of ‘Legally Blonde’ and Pauly Shore’s ‘In the Army Now’.” She's a hoot.

Hopefully some of you out there will get to experience them during holiday-related festivities. I know some of you already have…

Posted by kati at December 21, 2002 01:34 AM


this one time, i was watching VH1 with sean and a mariah carey video comes on.

Sean - i have a woody. allen!

i'm so lying.

Posted by: allen at December 22, 2002 12:14 PM