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May 22, 2005

Salve me fons piatatus

This evening as I chewed on my bottom lip, determined to accomplish at least a few of way-too-many immediate tasks at hand, I put on some music to help me focus.

It was Mozart's unfinished "Requiem in D Minor"
(perhaps not focusing music for all, but still...)

This had been the piece I sang with my high school Concert Choir
-"Concert" meaning extra special in this instance, you see-
in New York's much renowned Carnegie Hall.
Yes yes, all that. Conducted by an extremely eccentric, mad-scientist-esque British man. It was a hoot.

Up until then, though, it was 90 pages of Latin and crazy harmonies,
and it took us 4 months to learn.
But this evening, while working on my paper and with no words or music available, I was able to sing about 80% of the Alto line (my part, of course) from memory.

It felt good. I had a moment of, "oh my god, that was Carnegie Hall! Why don't you remember that better?!"
Oh well. It did happen. I know that much.
And it's a very beautiful piece of music.
Thanks Wolfgang.

Posted by kati at May 22, 2005 12:14 AM