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November 17, 2004

Gno-man's land

Checking my watch, I shifted uncomfortably in my lecture-hall chair.
My day well-worn, but nowhere near over.
Waiting for my class to start, secretly wishing I could be somewhere else:
having lunch with you. Taking that break from reality for just a second.

But it was not to be, and I knew it.
So I rested my head in my hand and prepared my neck for another 9 hours
of having to hold it up.

And then ... and then...
there you were! There you were!

You wonderful, magical, brilliant man!
There you were!
Your face. Your sweet face; different, but just as I remembered.
A little less of the world in your eyes, perhaps,
but they still danced with light as they always do in my mind.

And you taught me about hazardous chemicals,
the importance of protective goggles,
the difference between flame-retardant and flame-proof,
you set platinum blonde wigs alight before my very eyes!

Burying my face in my hands, I giggled like a child in church.
My face turned red, my eyes teared,
a wide and uncontrollable smile broke out across my face.
I mean, everyone was laughing - you're a funny guy,
but I was really laughing, even at the silly jokes.
I was so happy to see you there! I so enjoyed watching your antics.
As well as your haircut- and I wondered if you got it
at a Hairporte.

And when it was all over, and my cackling subsided,
I raced down there to see you; to jump around, to pinch you.
Like a kid at Christmas, I was eager to play
to shift my weight impatiently; to pester you with questions.

I tore joyfully down the aisle until I ripped through your image.
For when I reached you, you had vanished.
You were only a two-dimensional you, I realized.
And I wished there could have been just one more dimension.

But man, that was some trick.
And it was just for me.
And it made my fucking day.

Posted by kati at November 17, 2004 12:00 AM