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October 02, 2003

Brain leakage

My roommate BJ and I attend the same Environmental Biology class. In it, there is 1. the ugliest human being I have ever seen, (and I'm not trying to be cruel here, it's just quite true and rather sad. Nature and ... some other force conspired very, very harshly against this girl) and 2. the most annoying woman I have ever heard. She's one of those I've-already-been-to-school-so-act-like-I-know-everything-and-really-act-like-a-total-jackass kind of women. She is excruciatingly irritating.

Anyway, my point being: Instead of taking notes, BJ did a little free-association writing in his notebook, kicked off by another of this moronic lady's inane comments, and including some randomness from the actual biology lecture. The following is a transcription of BJ's "notes" (be warned, contains some profane language, well ... more than I usually use):

"Tell her to SHUT UP!! Please?

How clean is clean? Well... can you eat your food off of it? No? Well then it's dirty you dumb rumpled up fuck head. I'm not listening. I'm ACTING like I'm listening. I'm pulling it off, too. I must be the best actor that ever took a biology class. John Muir smells like SHIT. my shit smells like shit. I think Miguel farted and it smells like shit. Regional Water Control Board (RWCB) sucked my dick yesterday. It wasn't very good. The water deal fell through and so on and so forth you bastard child. I'll sell my sweat for $20 an ounce.

Fried chicken would be some good eatin right now.

Babies are so vulnerable. Poor little fuckers.

HAHA! FUCK YOU! (to lady, after another stupid comment and a forced laugh)
That lady is fat. And then they all DIE!

The reason why the population went up so fast is because the babies weren't dying. They had better sanitation and didn't have to live with buckets of shit next to their food box. The answer to over population? BIRTH CONTROL!!!"

And that is all, folks. Thanks to BJ for giving me the rights to the regurgitations of his demented brain.

Also, I contend that *I* am the best actor to take a biology class, well actually a history class. I had my headphones on all day and I don't think anyone knew, not even Ashley right beside me. I even asked questions and everything.

Posted by kati at October 2, 2003 11:23 PM


After the Dorthy Parker scene you two did together, I'd say you're even-steven, and a perfect drama duo.

Posted by: cody at October 6, 2003 08:08 PM