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January 01, 2003

A year's worth of partying in ONE night.

It is with some effort that I pull myself back into consciousness, and stare blankly at my computer in an effort to remain communicative. New Yearïs Day has finally arrived, and all the parties of last night have all undeniably drawn to a close. So, a review of the festivities:

At the outset, a twinge of sadness that I could not carouse and carry on with the Assassin and his co-hosts at the frat. Talked with Sean via telephone at about 11, and the overpowering loudness on both ends of the line signified to me that the frat was bumping too. Missed you guys. Hope all present had a good time.

My more traitorous plans included an evening at Casa de Matt McT. An added bonus was the unexpected presence of Amber Turnock ï the craziest of all that are crazy ï at the event. DVC and San Jose State partygoers ran amok, preparing to ring in the new year with as much drunken excitement as they could muster. As has been the trend at more recent McT events, several rounds of Irish Car Bombs were enjoyed by one and all. Someone complimented my ïcute Irish curls,ï so I figured I had better indulge as well. A couple shots of B.G.R.ïs Absinthe also put a golden glow on the wait for midnight. At about 20 till, the contents of the house had spilled into the street. The build-up was rowdy, but at midnight all hell broke loose. After not one, not, two, but three ridiculously enthusiastic countdowns, the assembled crowd toasted on (or rather were showered by) champagne, and drunkenly lit off fireworks in the street. Got some groovy New Yearïs action! Even gave a little out myself - what the hell itïs midnight and Iïm drunk! After a significant period of hollering, and smooching one another, the dancing got going and the party raged on in itïs expanded form ï which was more inclusive of the neighborhood than the house alone. (even some of the intoxicated neighbors came out to join the fun!)

No cops, no ambulances, no problems. Lessons to be learned of course, but really the biggest lesson is: if it smells like rubbing alcohol and comes in a large jug marked XXX, donït drink too much of that.


Met some cool SJSU guys and ex-DVC folk. Marcus Potter ï Iïm going to remember you when youïre famous. Cute and famous.

Many thanks to Jack Small & co., who made a most pleasant and unexpected cameo in the evening. It got me in the best mood!

Many *many* thanks to Matty, for another rager to top all ï. Until next time, oh wait, this was the LAST time, or not.

And thanks to those who I was lucky enough to spend a wonderful evening with. It was an uninhibited night, and a joyous time!! Yay!

Posted by kati at January 1, 2003 03:15 PM


I just found Gene's webpage, yes I am a caveman and out of the loop. I am glad to know folks had a good time at Casa de McT, wish I could say the same. My night ended with three people puking IN or ON my house, resulting in me almost beating the shit out of 2 of those people. FYI, Another party rule: DONT disrespect a house in which you don't know the owner - as in puking in it (unless its the bathroom). I throw parties for friends like Gene and old school CP, old school DVC, and SJSU (at the time). Anyways, CHarisse and I are here at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival, doing a 10 month season. It rox. Hope all is well y'all. MUCH LOVE! MISS YA GENE!! And yes, Markus Potter is a one cool mo fo.

Posted by: MCT at March 6, 2003 01:18 PM