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July 14, 2005

Flusterated, to say the least

You know what would mean the world to me?
This is silly, I know, but...

If I have to go to court in SF at some point-
and you have the time, (likely a Monday or Tuesday)
would you come with me? So I didn't have to do it alone?
Just be there. That's all. We'd have coffee.

I avoid my life like the plague because I'm afraid,
and I sometimes find that this can only be overcome
with a stronghold of humanity on which to find footing.

Some assurance -hell, an inkling- of natural goodness,
to flush out the deep and textured oil slicks
of suspicion and malice.

...or maybe that's just me.

Posted by kati at 10:20 PM

July 10, 2005


A tale from my most recent trip to the Marina:

In the bed of my pickup, parked on Chestnut and Scott Streets, were two white plastic bags full of clothes. I had intended to drop these items off at Goodwill, but upon the discovery that they were closed for the evening, I decided to leave the bags overnight. Should someone happen upon the potentially desireable booty and take it - I thought - fine. If not, it would go to Goodwill in the morning.

When I came upon my truck this morning, I found that not only were my bags still safely stowed in the truckbed, there were two, new, *black* trash bags full of sweaters and pants.

Only in the Marina.

also good to note- in front of us in line at the Noah's bagel this morning, a young couple argued about whether or not to take a four-day vacation in Telluride. The girl felt that she was being "guilted into it."

Posted by kati at 04:21 PM