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April 13, 2005

Unrequited ...

"Hi I am infatuated with your the beauty from the first time i laid my eyes on you. Time passes but I am obsessed with you and can not stop thinking about you. Sometimes my heart is filled like a balloon and it is about to burst but knowing the fact that you are somewhere there and i may have the privilage of being your one of your buddies soothes me. All the thing i have said may sound corny or cheezy but it all comes from the bottom of my little heart. I love kowing you in spite of being thousands mile away. sorry i upset you,i just spoke my heart. I can not wait to hear from you."

Hmmmm. Flattering.
Apparently I have a lot of fans in Iran.
I do something for the Persian crowd.

Posted by kati at 12:11 PM

We might as well be strangers

'Adult Swim' scares me.
I just ... it doesn't ...
Fucking Cartoon Network.

Also, as a child in my housing complex's community pool, the concept of adult swim (with adults only, of course)
scared me as well.
In different ways.

...I can't believe I'm awake right now.
This is truly tragic.

and I think I may have broken my finger. oops.

Posted by kati at 02:59 AM

April 09, 2005

Cuddle hound

I can remember my father in his most affectionate moments,
a most child-like, most relaxed and unaffected state-
cooing to our adoring family pet, Charlie. A goofy black poodle.

As our ridiculous dog would sit contentedly at my dad's feet
his toungue lolling out of his mouth with the unadulterated glee,
my dad would scratch his chest and talk to him (in that voice you use when you're talking to the dog).

So often, so often during this one-sided conversation with our dog (who could only grin back in adoration), my father referred to Charlie as a "cuddle hound."

While I had never heard the term before, I could only assume that poor Charlie was the epitome of such a thing ...willing to sacrifice anything for the security and confort of the mundane. Trotting blissfully around the kitchen after the the possibility of a kind look or a table scrap. Or just a cuddle. Just an innocent, safe, honest moment that isn't scary in any way at all.

Charlie was a weird dog, admittedly - but one thing he loved a lot was cuddles, or pets, or loves, or attention, or whatever you call it when talking about your animals.
He was a fool for it. A damned poodle fool.
A whore for the cuddles, he was.

It occured to me today, through a random and off-the-cuff remark of mine, that this is a trait Charlie and I might have in common. I don't really know what to do with relationships, or dating, or people that I care about, or anything logical and grown-up.
Maybe what I need is someone who's nice to me, who cuddles me and scratches behind my ears and gives me a soft bed to sleep on. Maybe if I had that I wouldn't mind fetching slippers. Maybe I'd be grateful to do it.

Posted by kati at 01:40 AM