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July 14, 2004

Actual thought in my head on the way home from work:

You know what I wish I'd invented?

(slight smile)
Ah, we humans.

* - This thought was immediately followed by me looking back up at the Walnut Creek thoroughfare on which I was stopped, and finding myself behind a purple Chrysler "PT" Cruiser with a license plate that read: "MUNTER"

...and then hanging my head in shame.

Posted by kati at 08:37 PM

July 04, 2004

Who's a cheeky monkey?

I'm turning into a monkey.

I can see it. There's no denying it now.
It's all really gotten quite out of hand.

Best I can tell, I'm some kind of orangutan.
My elbows bend weirdly now. My knees come up to my ears when I sit.

My knuckles are dragging on the ground. They look hairier, too.
So do my toes. My feet look like they've been stretched in a taffy puller.
I'm continually making kissy-noises with my lips or showing my teeth to no one.
Or chewing on my fingers.
Or raising my arms in the air and clapping.

I jump around with purpose. I hop off the furniture. I slap the ground.
I let out ear-piercing cries from the back of my throat.
I roll and sidestep over rough terrain.
I slap my back. Sometimes I run with my arms in the air, not clapping.

I make more funny noises with my mouth. I put my fingers in my nose.
I scratch my bottom in public.
I have a desire to play with my friends' hair.
I just ate this bug I found.

Well ... at least I know it's happening.

Posted by kati at 03:34 AM