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March 21, 2004


One day, not so very long ago, five friends hit the grass for an early morning of discer in Balboa Park. There was a chill in the air, and the marine layer hung low over the trees. The moisture continued to accumulate, until the friends had reached Hole #10, when the clouds opened up an unleashed a torrent of precipitation - forcing the friends to seek refuge under a large tree. It was then suggested that perhaps a rain dance would help stop the downpour.

One skeptical friend queried, "But isn't a rain dance suppose to bring on the rain?"

"Yes," said another, "but perhaps the poor quality of our dance would anger the rain gods and have the opposite effect."

Willing to try anything, and eager to resume the game, it was decided that a rain dance might be just the ticket. Still crouched beneath the protective tree, the friends danced and frolicked, hopping around in their best attempt to re-create a rain dance.

After a time, it was safe to venture out from under the shelter of the big tree, and the rain was a bearable drizzle - enough to resume play. Imagine the delight of the friends when, only moments later, the rain stopped entirely and the sun came shining through the clouds. The delight was immense. So immense, in fact, that the friends had to suspend their game for a moment to fully appreciate the success of their rain dance. It was a great moment for the friends. One that they vowed never to forget.

But they all did...
...until now.

Posted by kati at March 21, 2004 11:12 AM