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May 02, 2003

It's mad I tell you. Mad!

"Ahh, the Austro-Hungarian Empire - famous for fuck-all! All they did was slowly collapse like a flan in a cupboard."

There's this unbalanced vibe out right now, this feeling of ickyness, and I think this week that has manifested itself in feeling out-of-sorts, uneasy, or like everything is going wrong. I have been hearing many complaints of this nature over the last 3 days, and it seems to be a general, sort of across-the-board sentiment. Everyone is feeling a little shit-on, a little unlucky, a little cranky, a little nuts...

Not even "American Idol" was spared from this overall icky, "bleh," kinda feeling.

Perhaps this means there's cosmic misalignemt, or karmic imbalance - causing us all to slip around, loose our footing and look silly as if we were on a moss-covered ship deck during a tempest.

Perhaps we all just stepped in dog shit this morning.

Perhaps it's the weather.

I myself have not felt too much out of sorts, or not much more than usual. I noticed a rather generalized "pissy" mood overtake me a bit on Wednesday, but it passed. One can't be pleasant all the time, after all. I am usually unpleasant enough for everybody MOST of the time.

This week, though, everyone else seems to have it covered. They proverbial dark cloud that is looming around has got people, to quote Cody, "itching for a fight." But it seems to have pervaded everywhere, as even in my acting class this morning, everyone who worked seemed funky and disjointed. It was just ... eh. weird.

I imagine the silver lining will appear behind aforementioned dark cloud relatively soon, and all will again seem logical. I wish there was something to hurry it along, but I wouldn't know what.

Posted by kati at May 2, 2003 12:58 PM


All's sunny here in my world. I mean it's raining outside, but sunny inside.

Posted by: gene at May 2, 2003 03:48 PM

I'm glad about that. I'm more in the sunny-side-up area, myself. Or maybe scrambled .. over easy?

Posted by: kati at May 2, 2003 05:33 PM

As far as mood goes, shit, if I was any more ebullient, I, to paraphrase the bard of Smashmouth, might as well be walking on the damn sun.

Posted by: sean at May 2, 2003 06:11 PM

Yeah, the bad mood avalanche that hit last week was pretty heavy... I was bowled over and trapped beneath for days on end, feeling suffocated and so, so, so angry for no good reason. I'm not sure exactly what set it off, but at least we've all managed to dig ourselves out, for the most part. This week's ski report looks much more favorable, what with Dolla-Dolla baseball and the (hopefully) over-due departure of the awful, boring and so-undeserving Josh Grayson from American Idol. Can you *believe* he got more votes than Trenyce and Ruben!? What has our godforsaken nation come to!?

Posted by: Kristina at May 5, 2003 09:32 AM

Yeah, well I never trusted them anyway. The general American public is stupid, and we know this.

Posted by: kati at May 5, 2003 09:37 AM